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If you’re an animal lover, you already know it: pets are our best buds! And now more than during any time in history, pets are part of our families – we love them, tend to their health and simply enjoy their sweet, smart, funny, playful companionship. In fact, there’s plenty of scientific research proving pets can indeed make our lives better, both physically and emotionally.

But pet parenting isn’t all fun and games. Owning a pet comes the moral responsibility to support his or her wellbeing, from the exciting moment we meet our furry friends to the emotional toll of making end-of-life decisions.

And just like with any relationship, some are better than others. For a variety of reasons — lack of knowledge, unrealistic expectations, lack of planning and preparation, housing or financial constraints, behavioral incompatibilities, and so on — too many pet relationships fail. When that happens, both the animals and society pay the price.

That’s why our passionate Petcare Associates at WALTHAM™, a leading authority on pet care and nutrition, created The WALTHAM™ Pocket Book of Responsible Pet Ownership.

Here’s a peek at the helpful advice inside this free guide:

  • Preparing and caring for your new arrival
  • Nutrition across your pet’s life stages
  • Giving treats
  • Physical activity
  • Neutering
  • Preventive healthcare
  • Oral care
  • Healthy weight management
  • Caring for older cats and dogs
  • Your pet’s behavioral needs
  • Building a bond with your pet
  • Training
  • Exercise and play
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Pet identification
  • Needs of indoor cats
  • Pain management
  • Safe car travel for pets

…and so much more!  Get your free booklet here today!