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If you’re passionate about making a difference, experiencing new cultures, and believe personal and professional development should go hand-in-hand — us too! At Mars, making lasting contributions in the communities where we work — across six continents — is essential to who we are and to the people who work here.

It’s why we give Associates paid time off to volunteer with programs like the Mars Ambassador Program (MAP), which is kicking off its 2018 application process now!

Each year, MAP selects Associate ‘ambassadors’ for assignments around the world, giving them the opportunity to use their talents to help non-profit organizations in our operating and sourcing communities. Whether you’re helping farmers harvest rice in Spain, developing a technology training package for Save the Children in Africa, or restoring a coral reef in Indonesia, MAP is also a unique opportunity for our Associates to develop both professionally and personally. By working alongside our non-profit partners to understand their challenges and help create lasting change, you’re sure to gain new skills and perspectives of your own. 

Associates who’ve worked at Mars for at least 18 months may apply for a broad range of assignments with our partner organizations. Assignments are literally all over the map, including individual (two- to six-weeks) and group assignments (one week), but one thing is certain: it’ll be life changing.  

You might know Mars as the company that makes your favorite candies like M&M’S®, Snickers® and Skittles®. But our business also includes a host of Petcare products and services, Drinks, Food and Mars Sustainable Solutions. Our growing, diverse and sustainability-focused business means our Associates can choose from a terrific assortment of MAP assignments. 

Here’s a sample of just a few:

Coral Reef Rehabilitation, Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Ambassadors will dive into a week of assisting in the fitting of a 1,000-square meter coral reef rehabilitation installation using the Mars Accelerated Reef Rehabilitation System (MARRS).

American Prairie Reserve, Montana, U.S.

For a week, a group of ambassadors will call rural Montana home as they work with the American Prairie Reserve on a prairie dog habitat restoration project. They’ll also be assisting with the re-introduction of wildlife animals like the black-footed ferret, along with other general land and wildlife management.

The Ethical Tea Partnership, Rwanda

During local picking season in Rwanda, a group of ambassadors will get hands-on experience at real tea farms during their week working with the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETA) and the East African Tea Trade Association (EATTA). They will also be helping generate knowledge about the tea supply chain and create insights that will drive our sustainability work in the region.

Marine Stewardship Council, London

For this assignment, ambassadors will go fish — literally! In addition to learning about the certification process of our partner, the Marine Stewardship Council, they’ll also learn about customer insights and leverage them to achieve sustainability goals for SHEBA® fish ingredients through the Mars Sustainable a Generation Plan.

“Ask any of our MAP ambassadors — it’s an almost indescribably enriching experience,” says Annette Jennings, Mars Senior Manager, Global Community Engagement. “There’s nothing quite like giving back by contributing to local communities around the world, all while strengthening our global partnerships and developing our skill sets. I’d say every ambassador would recommend MAP to their co-workers!”

Last year, we celebrated MAP’s 10th anniversary by sending 10 alumni ambassadors (one from each year since the program began) on a special Sustainability tour of our business in Indonesia and Malaysia. “It was an inspirational way to reflect on the global impact of MAP with 606 ambassadors from 50 countries, and more than 36,500 volunteer hours logged since the inception of the program!” says Annette.

Interested in getting to know some of our MAP Associates? You can do that here … and stay tuned to see who will be changing the world as a 2018 MAP Ambassador!

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