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Looking Back on Year One and Forward to Year Two


What keeps a vanilla farmer in Madagascar up at night? Concerns about crop disease? Raw material price instability? General food insecurity?

As it turns out, these are all similar issues that keep the mint farmers in India, the rice farmers in Pakistan and the cocoa farmers in Cote d’Ivoire awake, too.

That’s because the supply chains as they currently function are broken.

A year ago this month, we set a course for an ambitious journey, committing $1 billion over the next few years toward our Sustainable in a Generation Plan (SIGP).  And as we recognize the one-year anniversary of this announcement, we’re rolling up our sleeves even further to push even harder on our sustainability goals. We’re going to take an even closer look at how we’re beginning to fix what is broken in our agricultural supply chains.

What to Expect of the Sustainable in a Generation Plan in Year Two

Our focus in year two is building momentum around all nine goals across all three pillars: healthy planet, thriving people and nourishing wellbeing.

We’ve set our long-term goals and commitments based on what is necessary, using the best available science to ensure we are truly doing what is right for the planet and society in becoming a sustainable business.

Join us as we enter year two of our Sustainable in a Generation Plan and stay in touch… we’ve got lots more work ahead. When each of us commits to learning and doing more, we get one step closer to achieving our ambitious plan to become a #GenerationforChange!